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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 '
i dont know what to say
im wondering what are you duin?? ,, im just confuse why u do me like this.. i just

kept thinking...y u dun wanna pick up ur fon..i call u many time..and i dun even

know where u r..fer several day i dont hear about you...soooo silent...dun u know

iMISSyou..then when i tell you that u ckp "apa eu pikir eu sja ka miss" ayoooo..if

eu miss me find me...it is sooo hard fer eu to find me!! arghhh!! confuse.. again

im C O N F U S E!!!! i oredy "abis cara"..i jus dun know what to do..im to shy to

call ur mum n owez ask about eu...matey laa...smpai bila...aduiii...x pham

oo...all i want is Y O U!!!! i want to know about u...okay fine if u dun want

everyday..but at least i know about u..r u sick..r u okay o not okay..dats

all...knpa..bureng ka ckp sma me?? ayoo... PLEASE...hear me...iMISSyou...i just

wanna hear ur VOICE..it is been a long time i've never hear ur voice!!

sayang if u read dix:

sorry but u have to know dix

fers thing,i wanna say sorry if i make mistake..tell me what..i just confuse what

mistake i do to you..all i want is Y O U..i want my old boy!! im kinda dislike d new of

eu..i dun knuw if u realize by urself that u've CHANGE!

again im sorry if i judge u wrong..

come n correct me PLEASE




missing you DAMN MUCH

welcome to ma blog fellas !
throw away your bitchas before you step inside babe :)
i don't accept you here :) !
so step ur feet out ..
love:fara :)


PhotobucketI'm Fara Lyana a.k.a. fara,mey,lyana.
Simply call me fara.


im 'almost' 7teen..diz coming 10 nov would be d day you should know..haha..i like cheese..totally into it bebeh ! hate eu bitchass ! oso ! try to flirt wth ma bf i kill you motha fuckers ! more about me? ask bebeh !

i live in ma bf heart owez
you can respect me and love me d way you should :)

♥ love

this is him ! my MOHD AZLAN

as i say his 29 years old

so what..

you wanna get bitchas and talk suxx bout me and my bf..

hahaha..me NO CARE BEBEH! !

i love him d way he are..


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