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Sunday, February 7, 2010 '
i want to meet him!!!

Birth name Kristopher Neil Allen
Born June 21, 1985 (1985-06-21) (age 24)
Jacksonville, Arkansas,
United States
Origin Conway, Arkansas,
United States
Genres Alternative rock, pop rock Christian AC
Occupations Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard, viola, electric guitar
Years active 2007–present
Labels Jive/19
Website www.KrisAllenOfficial.com/

OMG,im his BIG BIG BIG fan!! today 8FEB2010 will be the biggest day fer Kris Allen fanatic fan in KL cause he is coming to Malaysia.. but sucks only in KL!!! haiisshhh!! datang kaw cneyh tawau bha.. hahahahaha.. mcm ada papa d tawau neyh.. tett~~ ya la.. mntg2 la kan KL tu bandaraya BASSAR!!! suma la juak bpusat artis2 nya.. ndak la bha d send p cneyh.. hhayyyy.. BACCAT AQ EH! aq maw jmpa dea!!!! to his FANATIC FAN yg ndak dpt jmpa dea: sma2 la kta tnguk dea d tv sak.. hahahahahaha...

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welcome to ma blog fellas !
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im 'almost' 7teen..diz coming 10 nov would be d day you should know..haha..i like cheese..totally into it bebeh ! hate eu bitchass ! oso ! try to flirt wth ma bf i kill you motha fuckers ! more about me? ask bebeh !

i live in ma bf heart owez
you can respect me and love me d way you should :)

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this is him ! my MOHD AZLAN

as i say his 29 years old

so what..

you wanna get bitchas and talk suxx bout me and my bf..

hahaha..me NO CARE BEBEH! !

i love him d way he are..


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